Brass Pipe and Barb Fittings North American NPT carries a wide variety of common and hard to find plumbing fittings, pipes and more. 
Shop our huge selection of NPT threaded elbows, tees, straight pipe fittings, barbed fittings, adapters, bushings and more.
We can satisfy all your plumbing, heating and cooling system needs. High quality machined and forged brass at great prices.

We carry sizes for

1/16 npt, 1/8 npt, 1/4 npt, 3/8 npt, 3/4 npt, 1 npt

Additional Sizes available for special order

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Brass NPT (National Pipe Thread) Threaded Pipe and Barbed Fittings
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125 Brass Male to Hose Barb Straight FasParts

FP125 Series
Straight Male Barb Fittings

126 Brass Female NPT FPT to Hose Barb Straight FasParts

FP126 Series
Female Straight Barb Fittings

139 Brass Male NPT FPT to Hose Barb Elbow FasParts

FP139 Series
Male Elbow Barb 90 Degree

140 Brass Male NPT FPT to Hose Barb 45 degree Elbow FasParts

FP140 Series
45 Degree Male Barb

90 Degree Elbow Hose Barb Fittiing

FP99HB Series
90 Degree Elbow Barb

Straight Hose Barb Joiner Union Splicer Fittiing

FP129 Series
Inline Mender Joiner Splicer

Tee Hose Barb Joiner Union Fittiing

FP123 Series
3 Way Barb Tee

90 Degree Male Elbow NPT Brass Fittings

FP99 Series 
Male To Male Elbows

90 Degree Female Elbow NPT Brass Fitting

FP100 Series
Female NPT to Female NPT Elbows

Female Tee Three Sided NPT Brass Fitting

FP101 Series
Forged Female 3 Way Tees

Solid One Piece Female Coupling Joiner NPT Brass Fitting

FP103 Series
Female Couplings

Solid Three Piece Female Coupling Joiner NPT Brass Fitting

FP104 Series
3 Piece Couplings

Solid 45 Degree Female Coupling Joiner NPT Brass Fitting

FP105 Series
Female 45 Degree Couplings

Female to Male Branch Tee Three Sided NPT Brass Fitting

FP106 Series
Forged Tee Female Branches

Forged Street Tee Three Sided NPT Brass Fitting

FP107 Series
Forged Street Tees

FP109 Series Square Head Pipe Plugs

FP109 Series
Square Head Plugs

FP110 Series Female to Male Pipe Bushings

FP110 Series
Brass Bushings

FP112 Full Thread Close Nipples

Closed Nipples

FP113 Long Pipe Nipple

Long Nipples/Extended Nipples

FP111 NPSL NPT Slip Nut

FP111 Series
Locknuts/Panel Nuts

FP116 Male Female Street Elbow

FP116 Series
Forged Brass Male to Female Elbows

FP117 Slotted Pipe Plug Male NPT

FP117 Series
Precision Machined Slotted Plugs

FP118 Countersunk Pipe Plug Male NPT

FP118 Series
Allen / Hex Key Countersunk Plugs

FP119 Female NPT Pipe Reducer Adapter

FP119 Series
Female Pipe Reducer

FP120 Male to Female NPT Pipe Adapter

FP120 Series
Male to Female Pipe Adapter

FP121 Series Hex Head Pipe Plugs

FP121 Series / FP121S Series
Hollow / Solid Hex Head Plugs

FP122 Male Hex NPT Pipe Nipples

FP122 Series
Hex Male to Male Nipples

FP124 Male Female 45 Degree NPT Pipe Elbow Fitting

FP124 Series
Male to Female 45 Degree Fittings

FP108 Female NPT Pipe End Cap Fittings

 FP108 Series
Female Pipe Caps

FP101M Three Sided Male Tee
FP101M Series
Equal Male Tee

FP101M Three Sided Male Tee
FP101M Series
Equal Male Tee

Shop for Brass Terminal Bolt Bulkheads

FP1495B Bulkhead

Terminal Bolts

Brass Cross

4 Way Cross

1/4 NPT Male Female Y Splitter

 FP106Y Series
Y Splitter Manifold




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