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Elbow Hose Barb L Joiner Mender

Our 90 degree hose barb elbow fittings have sharp tapered barbs ensure a tight grip and leak free seal when used with flexible hoses. Our quality elbow hose joint barb fittings are reusable and can be used for applications involving pneumatics, vacuum, and general fluid handling. Brass fittings are an economical and durable solution to your hose plumbing needs. One example in trucking they are frequently used for repair of fuel hoses, air tubes and coolant lines. These brass barbed right angle elbows are also widely used in industrial manufacturing applications for lubrication, cutting fluid, coolant and oil delivery where impact and corrosion resistance is desired. Additional usage for other types of fluid transfer and handling non potable water, and fuel.

L barb to barb fittings are made with high quality yellow brass and are perfect for industrial, construction, trucking and transportation, factory automation.

  • Working Pressure: Up to 1000 PSI
  • -65*F to +265*F
  • Vacuum and Positive Pressure 
  • NPT Thread Size

Advisory: Tubing Hose ID and Barb Hose ID Must Match.

Hose ID is the interior diameter of your tubiing/hose it is generally marked on the side of most lengths of hoses/tubing. (Also called Barb/Hose Barb)

Our quality barbed/threaded connectors/couplers are manufactured FasParts' highest standards. They are perfect for connecting lines for air, water, fuel, oil and inert gases.

Suitable for use in Automotive, Nautical, Industrial, and Commercial applications

Be sure to print out this sizing guide for easy reference (Click Here).



99HB-4 90Elb; 1/4 Hose Barb
99HB-5 90Elb; 5/16 Hose Barb
99HB-6 90Elb; 3/8 Hose Barb
99HB-8 90Elb; 1/2 Hose Barb